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Bot Brawl 2014


Illinois State University RedBird Arena, Normal, IL

The 2014 Bot Brawl was held during the 4th annual Family Science Day in collaboration with:


1st 2nd 3rd
1lb Antweight Combat Death by 1001 Cuts(Endgame) SIBAR(Sunami) Broad-Wing(Mt. Hawks)
3lb Beetleweight Combat Crop Circle(Rampage Productions) Tempest(Endgame) Robo Hazard(RHIT)
Line Following Low Down(dbots) Fireball(Brooksbots) Tortoise(Oleson Robotics)
Line Maze Full Circle(dbots) Tortoise(Oleson Robotics) Clear Maze(Oleson Robotics)
Mini Sumo (500g) ExSpurt(Brooksbots) GIZMO(TeamUNI) Orthos(dbots)
Checkers on a Sumo Ring Coaster(CIRC) VIP(dbots) King Me(dbots)
3kg Sumo DoRB(dbots) Executioner(Brooksbots) Cheeky-san(dbots)
Antweight Combat Rumble Champion Flattery(ASME Wash U)  N/A  N/A
Beetleweight Combat Rumble Champion Crop Circle(Rampage Productions)  N/A  N/A

Thank you very much to our generous sponsors for the following prize donations!

Gold Sponsor

3X MB7360, 2X MB1240, 3X MB7060, 2X MB1013, 2X MB1040, 2X MB1010, 2X MB1200, 2X MB1242, 1X MB1413, 1X MB7040, 1X MB7369
ROBOT Magazine 150 issues of ROBOT magazine
Pololu 3pi Robot + USB Programmer Combo, Zumo Robot for Arduino (Assembled with 75:1 HP Motors) , Wixel Shield for Arduino + Wixel Pair + USB cable, AltIMU-10 Gyro, Accelerometer, Compass, and Altimeter
Schmartboard 10X Arduino Prototyping Shields
LabJack 2X Digit-TL USB Data Loggers, Digit-TLH USB Data Logger, U3-HV Multifunction DAQ, Labjack Hats, T-Shirts & Rulers
Lakeview Research USB Embedded Hosts, USB Complete Fourth Edition
Hobby Horse 2X HSR-1425 CR Robotic Servos, Hitec X4 80 4 Port Battery Charger
Futaba 6X S3004 Servos
ServoCity 2X Heavy Duty Wheels & Bearings, GoPro Mount, $15 Gift Certificate
Robot Power 2X Wasp Single Channel RC Motor Controller
Solutions Cubed 10X MMC Motor Controllers
SERVO SERVO Magazine Annual Subscriptions, 200 Copies of SERVO and Nuts & Volts
Zagros Robotics Magician Robot Chassis, Redbot Main Board, Zagros Robot Starter Kit, Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino

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