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Bot Brawl 2013

Illinois State University RedBird Arena, Normal, IL

The 2013 Bot Brawl was held during the 3rd annual Family Science Day in collaboration with:


1st 2nd 3rd
1lb Antweight Combat Guildenstern 

(Team Titan Tech Robotics)


(Team Boirum)

Death by 1000 Cuts 

(Team Endgame)

3lb Beetleweight Combat Buzzkiller 

(Team Boirum)


(Team Sunami)


(Team SRC)

Line Following Low Down 


Not a Clue 


Clear Line 

(Oleson Robotics)

Line Maze Full Circle 


Clear Maze 

(Oleson Robotics)

Mini Sumo (500g) Gizmo 

(University of Northern Iowa)




(Black Bots)

Checkers on a Sumo Ring King Me 




3kg Sumo Executioner 








Check out the September/October 2013 issue of ROBOT Magazine for an article about the Bot Brawl!




A huge thanks to our generous sponsors for their generous donations!

Platinum Sponsors

Copy of FlowStone for every 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finisher!


Gold Sponsors

Parallax 2X Boe-Bot Robot Kit, 2X Scribbler 2 Robots, SumoBot Robot Competition Kit, 10X BASIC Stamp Activity Kit
FireBall X90 CNC Router Kit w/ Electronics
1X HRUSB-MaxSonar-EZ4, 2X HRUSB-MaxSonar-EZ1, 4X HRUSB-MaxSonar-EZ0, 7X HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ1, 7X HRXL-MaxSonar-WR


Lakeview Research USB Complete, Serial Port Complete
Dimension Engineering 2X Sabertooth 2X5, Sinewinder LED Lighting System
Dynomotion KFLOP 8-Axis Motion Control Board
Pololu Zumo Robot Kit for Arduino, Zumo Reflectance Array, 2X 50:1 Micro Gear Motors, Baby Orangutan B-328 + USB AVR Programmer Combo
Sherline Tabletop Machining
Hobbico Futaba 8J 8-Channel 2.4Ghz R/C System
LabJack U3-LV USB DAQ, Digit-TL USB Temperature Logger
Zagros Robotics Raspberry Pi Quick Start Kit, 2X Magician Robot Chassis, Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Mega
SchmartBoard 4X Arduino SMT Prototyping Boards
SolarBotics Herbie the Mousebot, Useless Machine Kit, Zendulum Kit, 224:1 Gear Motor / Wheel Combo, 143:1 Gear Motor / Wheel Combo
Wright Hobbies 2X $100 Gift Certificates
SERVO Magazine 3X 1 year Subscriptions
Solutions Cubed 4X Motor Mind C Dual DV Motor Controller, H-Bridge Module, Electronic Compass Module, Clock and Calendar Module, IR Object Detect Module, RS232 RS485 Logic Converter Module, USB to Serial Converter Module, IR to Serial Converter Module, Flash Memory Module, Triple Load Switch Module, 3-axis Accelerometer Module
ServoCity Large Assortment of Robotic Components

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