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Monthly Meeting Recap – 6/12/11

Show & Tell:

  • Dan Toborowski demonstrated the Wheel-E 2.0 custom chassis and showed a video of the first outdoor testing.
  • Newcomers Nick and Jay brought a telepresence robot they built which can be operated from anywhere in the world over an internet connection. The robot has several webcams and an on-board netbook to allow 2-way communications through video and audio and also has a USB-controlled missile launcher to “get people’s attention”. Nick and Jay are planning to built a new robot using many of the lessons they learned from this first prototype. Jay lives in the St. Louis area and is a member of RoboMo; the St. Louis Area Robotics Group.
  • Peter Campbell brought several custom tools and fixtures he made to aid in building a Firefighting robot maze. For several years Peter has been working on a robot for the Trinity College Firefighting competition and built his own maze for testing.
  • Mike Dvorsky brought several electronics components he’s considering for use on the Robomagellan robot. These include a new GPS receiver, an SD card logger, and an ARM-based controller board.
  • Andrew Black showed us a video of a “Most Useless Machine” he built that incorporates more advanced electronics to include a delay and a flashing LED light that speeds up before the arm resets the switch. For those unfamiliar, the “Most Useless Machine” contraption is a popular electro-mechanical project that involves a box with a switch and a motor that will turn the switch back off after the user turns it on. Essentially the only goal of the machine is to turn itself off. A quick Google or Youtube will bring up a vast collection of videos and websites.

Upcoming Events:


  • Dan gave a presentation on X10 home automation technology

Club Business:

  • Discussed status of updated CIRC brochures, club library online listing, website details, and acquiring new CIRC apparel.
  • Club Meeting Location – Monthly meetings were going to take place at Lakeview Library instead of Lakeview Museum from July on but library is closed on Sundays for the summer. The North Branch is the only Peoria library with Sunday hours in the summer so we’ll inquire about availability there at least for July and August meetings. Update announcement will be sent when meeting location is confirmed.
  • RoboMagellan project update

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