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Monthly Meeting Recap – 10/13/13

Robot Show & Tell:

  • Dan Toborowski brought a custom 3D printed GoPro camera enclosure he designed to protect the camera when mounted on a quadcopter. Dan uses an Afinia H-series printer. Dan also brought a Sphero which is a wireless bluetooth remote controlled device that uses a 3-axis accelerometer and gyro and motorized mechanism to roll around based on commands sent from an iOS or Android device. Version 2.0 of Sphero was just released so version 1.0 can be found at some places at a significantly reduced price. Dan found his v1.0 at Target on clearance for $65.
  • Len Shelton brought a Trossen Robotics PhantomX AX-12 robotic arm which he’s been experimenting with. Len is hoping to use the arm to assist with tasks at his production facility. The arm uses high performance ROBOTIS Dynamixel robot servos which provide location, temperature, and current feedback as well as individual ID assignments allowing them to be connected in series instead of with individual wiring like standard hobby servos. Len also brought a custom CNC controller interface board he developed that interfaces with a Beaglebone. This setup replaces the PC controller for a CNC setup like the router he offers through PROBOTIX.
  • Peter Campbell showed us pictures of a custom camera mount he built that positions his Dropcam Wi-Fi camera in front of his MakerBot Replicator so he can monitor the printer’s progress from other rooms in his house.


  • Next monthly meeting is November 10th
  • ServoCity has graciously provided CIRC with a 10% discount code valid until December 1st. ServoCity offers a huge line of servos, servo controllers, small scale mechanical components, and modular robot building parts. To use the coupon, enter CIRC-10 during checkout.

Upcoming Events:

  • Fall Chibots RoboMagellan Competition – November 9th
    • Location – Moraine Valley Community College
  • Peoria-Area FLL Practice Scrimmages
    • St Mark’s School – November 2nd
    • Peoria Christian High School – November 16th
  • Central Illinois FLL Qualifier Tournaments
    • Peoria Christian High School – December 7th
    • Bradley University – December 14th

Event Recap:

Community Event Opportunities:

Club Business:

  • Website Updates
    • We’d like to add more content to website. If you can put together a “getting started” guide, product review, project summary, or any other content please send to webmaster for posting.
  • Officer Elections
    • Will take place at our November 10th monthly club meeting
    • Any full club members can run for an officer position
    • Current officer positions include:
      • President: Dan Toborowski
      • Vice President: Curt Boirum (Out of State)
      • Treasurer: Peter Campbell
      • Secretary: Joshua Whitley
      • Webmaster: Joshua Whitley
      • Librarian: Mike Dvorsky
      • Academic Coordinator: Vacant
  • 2014 Bot Brawl
    • Saturday, April 5th, Redbird Arena
    • Bot Brawl will start at 10AM and conclude at 4PM. Main Family Science Day Event will start at 11AM (hour after start of Bot Brawl) and also conclude at 4PM.
  • RoboMagellan:
    • We will try to be ready for November 9th competition
    • Discussed subsystem updates
    • Dan found a useful reference for PID basics by Parallax
    • Next RoboMagellan build session, Thursday 10/17

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