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Central Illinois Bot Brawl Line Following Rules


The robot must be completely autonomous once the operator starts it. The robot must be no larger than 20 cm by 20 cm. It can be of any height. The maximum weight allowed is 3 kg (approximately 6.6 lbs).


The course will be on a 4 foot by 8 foot table with a 2 by 4 fence. The playing surface is 45 inches by 93 inches. The course will be:

  • Printed on a white material that is similar to wallpaper with a plotter type printer.
  • The lines will be 3/4 inch and colored black.
  • The lines will be no closer than 6 3/4 inches to each other.
  • The lines will be no closer than 7 1/8 inches to the walls measured from the edge of the line to the edge of the wall.
  • The accuracy of the lines is within a quarter inch.
  • The mat will be attached to the table by carpet tape around the edges as needed.
  • There may be corners on the course. These corners will be no sharper than 45 degrees.
  • There may be curves with a radius of 3 inches or greater.
  • The course will not cross itself.
  • The course will be continuous.
  • The course is a loop.
  • There will be a sensor on the course used for time measurement.  Lap times will be based on successive crossings of the sensor.
  • We plan to use a sensor that will consist of a light source and a webcam as shown in the photo below, but we reserve the right to use a different system, such as a stopwatch.  The distance between the light source and the webcam will be at least 10 inches.



  • There will be a sample course of some sort available for calibration purposes before the event.
  • The competitors will start in the order they approach the table.  Each competitor must announce the robot’s name so the timekeeper can prepare the timer.
  • There is no limit to the time or number of runs permitted for each competitor.
  • If there are no other competitors waiting to go, then the competitor at the table may take as many laps as desired.
  • If there are other competitors waiting, then the competitor at the table is expected to end his/her run after the current lap.  (An exception is if the competitor’s strategy requires multiple consecutive laps, e.g. to implement a learning strategy.  In this case the competitor will be allowed multiple laps.)
  • The contest officials will, at their discretion, determine when to end the competition.  At this time they will call for a final run by each robot (if desired by the competitor).
  • All lap times for each robot will be recorded.
  • If the contestant does not complete the course, the greatest distance covered on the path will be recorded.
  • There cannot be any cues or inputs from any human being directly or indirectly while the robot is running the course.
  • If the robot goes off course and relocates the course at an advanced position, it must be restarted. The robot will be considered off course if it completely leaves the line it was following and does not find its way back near the point that it left the line.
  • The greatest distance covered along the path or the fastest time for completing the course determines each robot’s place in the competition.
  • The fastest time or greatest distance covered wins the competition.
  • The robot must not damage the course.

Final note on the rules:

The intent of this event is for the robot to follow the line around the loop. If the judge interprets a competitor’s actions as attempting to circumvent this intent, then the judge has the right to disqualify that robot from this event and possibly the competitor from the entire competition. Someone entering the layout of the course into the robot in some fashion will be interpreted as trying to circumvent the intent of this event. This decision will be made in partnership with other members of the club.

The interpretation of these rules is up to the judges on the day of the competition.  All judges’ decisions are final.