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Central Illinois Bot Brawl Best In Show Competition

What is it?

This event awards those with the most interesting robots as voted by current C.I.R.C. members. The competition serves to recognize those who demonstrate the most innovation, attention to detail, and passion through their robot creations. With very few limitations on what may be submitted for judging, Best in Show aims to bring out the most unique creations that demonstrate the exciting and useful capabilities made possible by robotics.

How does the competition work?

We’ll provide a location where entries can be displayed for the audience and other competitors. It is encouraged but not necessary that competitors create a visual aid of some sort that describes your creation. This way observers can learn about your robot without you needing to always be present. C.I.R.C. event organizers will select robots for demonstration in front of the audience so be prepared for the possibility. While we would like to provide every competitor the opportunity to show off their creation, time constraints may force us to select only a few. Also, these demonstrations will not be performed in order but rather will take place individually during competition transitions while changes are made to the arenas or technical problems are rectified.

What types of robots can enter?

Any kind of robot! Well, almost. The entire purpose of this competition is to encourage builders to show off their unique and exciting creations. We want to see self-balancing robots, hexapods, face-recognition robots, RoboMagellan entries, robotic arms, combat robots, something no one has ever seen before, and everything else. You can even enter a robot already registered for another competition. Winners will be selected by a vote from current C.I.R.C. members which means technical performance, creativity, craftsmanship, programming, aesthetics, and more will all be considered. While this event is technically open to all robots, there are some limitations. Entries must be tasteful and they cannot be dangerous to event attendees and competitors. Robots that have the potential to do harm will be allowed if it can be demonstrated that the hazards can be completely protected against. An example of this would be a combat robot that follows the RFL guidelines for pit safety with safety covers for all sharp edges, wheels being supported off the ground to avoid accidental motion, and main power being completely and obviously disabled. All competitors must recognize C.I.R.C.’s right to refuse entry to any competitor if deemed appropriate. If you feel your robot’s eligibility is questionable, please contact us before the event so that we can provide a ruling.

How to Enter

In order to submit a robot for the Best in Show class you need only indicate that you wish to compete when signing in the day of the event. Robots will not need to be registered in advance like the other competitions but we would appreciate if you could let us know what you plan to bring so we can be sure to provide adequate space. Regardless of if your entry is a competitor for another event or if you bring it along solely for the Best in Show competition, all you need to do is indicate when signing in at the event. There will be no entry fee required for this competition either because we want to do all we can to encourage builders to bring along their unique creations. This event is considerably more open-ended and informal than the other events on purpose. Even if your creation is not completely 100% functional, we want to see your work.

We hope to see your creations at the Bot Brawl!

Previous Winners:

2011 – One Fierce Dragon Fly 12lb Combat Robot (Gene Burbeck)
2010 – Marble Maze (Dan Toborowski)
2009 – RoboMagellan Robot “No Name” (Rick Brooks)