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ASME Osmoces – 10/13/12

CIRC was invited to participate in the 2012 ASME Osmoces event which stands for (Open Source Mechatronics Outreach & Creative Exchange Symposium). This event took place at the IIT Rice Campus in Wheaton, IL and was hosted by the Fox Valley ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) chapter. Club president Dan Toborowski attended the event and brought his Marble Maze, FPV quadcopter, and our RoboMagellan robot Wheel-E. This event was intended to bring together members of the hacker community, individual hobbyists, professional engineers, and educators to share knowledge and ideas about open source technology, robotics, microcontrollers, and more. Several presentations and classes took place through the day focused on topics ranging from 3D printers, Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos to how to use Kickstarter. By far the most popular presentation however was by the keynote speaker; JPL engineer Steve Collins. Steve is the Cruise Attitude Control System Engineer for the Mars Curiosity Mission. Steve is shown below next to Wheel-E!

CIRC was excited to be included in this event and really enjoyed the opportunity to network with so many interesting people from the local hacker space, robotics, and education community. We look forward to next year’s event!

JPL Engineer Steve Collins with CIRC RoboMagellan Robot Wheel-E 2.1

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