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Work on Wheel-E is continuing!

For the past 6 months we have been working on an update to Wheel-E based on the Polysync framework, and programmed in C/C++.  The components are similar to Wheel-E 2.1 (as described in the 2012 RoboMagellan Update on the CIRC website), with the following changes:

  • Replaced the Netbook running Windows 7 with two Raspberry Pi 3 boards running Linux/Polysync (one RPi3 is the main controller, and the other does vision processing)
  • Replaced the Maxbotix ultrasonic sensors with a LeddarTech multi-element sensor module for obstacle detection

We are in the process of re-writing the software.  Currently the remote control functionality is working, but all of the vision and autonomous control still needs done.  Build sessions will resume January 25.

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