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Robotics Clubs:

  • ChiBots – The Chicago-Area Robotics Clubs
  • NIU Robotics – The Northern Illinois University Robotics Club
  • Robomo – The St. Louis Area Robotics and Electronics Club

General Robotics Suppliers:

  • Parallax – Offers Numerous Robotic Kits, Components, and Helpful Information and Resources for all Projects
  • RobotShop – One of the Leading Source’s for Domestic and Professional Robot Technology
  • Jameco Robot Store – Large Supplier of Robotic Kits, Parts & More
  • Trossen Robotics – Distributor of Robot Components, Electronic Hardware, Educational Material, and also Features a Popular Forum
  • Pololu – Offers a Wide Selection of Robot Kits, Mechanical Parts, and Electronics
  • HVW Technologies – Offers Numerous Robotics Components, Sensors, Electronics, Tools, and moreā€¦
  • Fingertech Robotics – A design and manufacturing company that produces custom purpose-built electronics, mechanical parts, hardware, and accessories for hobby robotics.
  • Robotics Connection – High Quality Programmable Robot Kits, Components, and Hardware
  • IFI Robotics – Supplier of Large Robot Parts and Electronics Primarily used for FIRST Robotics
  • Savage Innovations – Electronic Development and Prototyping Products for Engineers, Hobbyists, and Educational Programs
  • Zagros Robotics – Excellent selection of parts for all your robotics projects
  • AMain Performance Hobbies – Supplier of many brands of RC planes, boats, cars, trucks, drones, helicopters and rock crawlers.

Robot Kits:

  • Lynxmotion – Huge Selection of Robot Platforms Ranging from Wheeled Rovers to 6 Legged Walking Hexapods to Robotic Arms
  • ROBOTIS – Specializes in Personal Robotics Ranging from Beginner-Level Toys to Advanced Humanoids
  • OwiRobots – Distributor of Various Robot Kits and Toys


  • Sparkfun – Offers a Large Selection of Electronics for Robotics Applications or Anything Else
  • Dimension Engineering – Specializes in Robot Power Electronics, Radio Control Equipment, and More
  • Robot Power – Economical Motor and Motion Control Solutions for Many Applications
  • Wright Hobbies – Electronics and Robotic Component Supplier
  • Solutions Cubed – Produces Versatile and Affordable Engineering Modules
  • Digilent – Suppliers of Programming Design Kits for Learning and Research Applications
  • LabJack – USB/Ethernet Based Measurement and Automation Devices
  • New Micros, Inc. – Robotic Platforms and Embedded Microprocessor System Components
  • SchmartBoard – Offers several items that make hand soldering SMT parts fast, easy, and flawless


MicroControllers & Development Kits:

Robotics Magazines/Books/News:

Robotic Combat:

Mechanical Components:

  • BaneBots – Large Selection of Gearmotors Offered in Many Different Reduction Ratios
  • AndyMark – Specializes in a Large Variety of Mechanical Components for FIRST Robotics
  • ServoCity – Radio Control Electronics and Mechanical Components


  • Duralite Batteries – High Performance Lithium Batteries, Chargers, and Accessories
  • SR Batteries – Supplier of Batteries for RC and Custom Applications


  • PROBOTIX – Supplier of affordable CNC routers, CNC stepper motor driver systems, and more
  • Sherline – Manufacturer of Miniature Lathes, Vertical Milling Machines, and Machining Accessories
  • Fastener Express – Offers a Large Variety of Miniature Hobby Screws in Metric and Standard Sizes

LEGO Robotics:

  • LEGO Mindstorms – Very Popular Robotics Kits Built From Traditional LEGOs (Great for Beginners or Experts)
  • Mindsensors – Supplier of Custom Sensors and Interfaces for LEGO Mindstorms NXT, RCX Robotics kits, and FIRST VEX Kits

Commercial/Research/Industrial/Toy Robots:

  • Pleo – Advanced Robotic Dinosaur
  • WoWee – Various Robotic Toys and Personal Robots
  • Tamiya – Offers a Large Variety of Mechanical Models and Accessories
  • iRobot – Leading Manufacturer of Robotic Vacuums and Robots for other Applications such as Government and Industrial Applications
  • Dr. Robot – Large Selection of High Quality Robot Platforms and other Robotics Components