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2011 Boy Scout Jamboree – 9/9/11

The 2011 Illini Boy Scout Jamboree took place on September 9th and was held just South of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. 3 CIRC members attended this event with a large collection of robot displays. The scouts were very interested in the robots and we received a lot of questions from curious parents and scout masters interested in the new Robotics merit badge recently announced.

September 9, 2011 at 8:36 pm | Community | 2 comments

Monthly Meeting Recap – 8/21/11


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Monthly Meeting Recap – 7/17/11


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Transformers 3 Premiere @ RAVE Movie Theater – 4/1/11

CIRC was invited to setup a display at the RAVE Cinemas movie theater as part of the Transformers 3 premiere. This was a terrific opportunity for our club with lots of visitors, a comfortable indoor setting, and great potential for attracting new members from the local community. We had a steady stream of people both days and answered tons of questions mostly related to getting started in robotics as a hobby or learning tool. The theater owner was very impressed by our display and promised to keep CIRC in mind for any other future film releases that tie in directly with our club.

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Monthly Meeting Recap – 6/12/11


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Monthly Meeting Recap – 5/15/11


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2011 ISU Family Science Day – 4/16/11

The ISU Family Science Day was held on April 16th at Illinois State University. This event was organized by the ISU Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology or CeMaST. This was one of the largest community events that CIRC has ever participated in and luckily we had several club members to help answer questions and demonstrate the numerous robots we brought with. Our booth included several hands-on activities such as the “U-Drive-Em” combat robots and the Marble Maze game. We also had several magazines and other handouts to give away which were quickly snatched up. This event also attracted several other exciting displays such as a collection of electric vehicles, Segway rides, emergency fire equipment, and fun science experiments.

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Bot Brawl 2011

Lakeview Museum, Peoria, IL

Click for Results, Pictures, and Video!

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Monthly Meeting Recap – 3/20/11


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2011 LakeView Museum National Engineers Day – 2/19/11

The LakeView Museum hosted their National Engineers Day event on February 19th. This event falls on National Engineers Week and attracts several local engineering organizations and companies. The goal is to get kids excited about engineering and science and CIRC was on hand to demonstrate some exciting robots including a ROBOTIS humanoid, several line following robots, and the “U-Drive-Em” combat robots. This event took place in the same room were our monthly meetings are held.

February 19, 2011 at 8:57 pm | Community | 2 comments

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