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Monthly Meeting Recap – 5/15/11

Robot Show & Tell:

  • Dan Toborowski showed the progress he’s made on the Wheel-E 2.0 chassis for the Robomagellan competition. Dan has been testing the custom chassis and recently replaced some of the chain drive system with timing belts to improve performance. Dan also brought his Arduino Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit and talked about his experience using the Arduino.
  • Mike Dvorsky demonstrated the YEI 3-Space Sensor inertial measurement unit which he plans to implement on our club’s Robomagellan robot for improved navigation capabilities. This sensor includes a compass, accelerometer, and gyro to provide accurate attitude and heading reference.
  • Peter Campbell brought a custom attachment he built for his Dremel tool that allowed him to cut accurate bevels on wood. The custom attachment was built from acrylic using AutoDesk Inventor and a CNC mill.
  • Curt Borium brought his 120lb combat robot, “Jailbreak”, which he recently competed with at RoboGames in San Francisco. Jailbreak had an impressive showing with a very powerful weapon but was plagued by drivetrain alignment issues which caused the chains to fall off in several matches. Curt plans to solve these problems and try again at next year’s event.


Upcoming Events / Shows:

  • CNN Special “Education in America: Don’t Fail Me” – 8:00PM May 15th and 21st
    • Heavily focused on the FIRST FRC competition
  • Science Channel Special “Killer Robots: RoboGames 2011” – 8:00PM May 30th
  • ChiBots Chibotica – June 12th, 1:30PM – 3:15PM
    • Schaumburg Public Library
    • 500g Sumo, LEGO Sumo, Basic Line Following, Advanced Line Following, Line Maze
  • ChiBots RoboMagellan Competition – August 6th
    • Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL
  • ORC House of Robotic Destruction 2011 – September 17th
    • 150 gram, 1lb, and 3lb Combat
    • Classic RC Raceways in Akron, OH

Club Business:

  • Potential Club Project – Fund-raising Robot
    • Contacted by organizers of Crittenton Center Peoria Kids’ Day about building a fund-raising robot
    • Consensus was that project looked interesting but everyone is too busy with RoboMagellan preparations right now
    • Still a possibility if someone else is interested in taking the lead on this
  • 2011 Boy Scout Jamboree – September 10th
    • Event will be moving from Rantoul, IL to University of Illinois Campus in Champaign this year
    • No commitments made yet, still awaiting more details about new accommodations
  • Future Monthly Meeting Location
    • Lakeview Museum conference room has only been booked until June, 2011
    • Museum fee is rising yet again so a cheaper alternative meeting location was needed
    • It was decided to move to the Lakeview Library next door which offers use of its conference room for free
    • Announcement will be made when official but monthly meetings would begin taking place at library starting in July
  • RoboMagellan
    • 2011 preparations are already underway for August 6th competition
      • Dan Toborowski – Wheel 2.0 Chassis, Wheel encoders, Bump sensors
      • Mike Dvorsky – Inertial Measurement Unit, GPS, Power distribution
      • Peter Campbell – Ultrasonic sensors, Vision system, Master control program
    • Still looking for more team members to help
    • Contact me ( if you’re interested in joining the 2011 RoboMagellan team

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