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Monthly Meeting Recap – 3/20/11

Robot Show & Tell:

  • Peter Cambell showed us a custom shelf drill jig he made using his Sherline mill and lathe tools. He also brought a Parallax Propeller development board that he’s been experimenting with. So far Peter tells us he’s very pleased with the Propeller processor and has found it relatively easy to learn especially with a book to reference.
  • Curt Boirum brought his 120lb, 1lb, & 3lb combat robots to display. Curt recently installed a RoboteQ 2-channel 120A speed controller in his 120lb robot named “jailbreak” and he plans to compete with this robot at RoboGames in mid-April. Curt also showed us his progress on a 3lb combat robot that will incorporate Lynxmotion tracks.
  • Mike Dvorsky and Dan Toborowski brought a 3kg sumo robot they have been collaborating on. This robot features a completely custom frame with a custom PCB board robot controller.
  • Dan Toborowski also brought the newest addition to the Hex Bug family; the SPIDER. These remote control robots use a clever mechanism design to accomplish directional-control 6-legged walking with only 2 motors.


  • Dan Toborowski went through a photo slideshow from the recent National Engineering Week event held at the Lakeview museum on February 20th.
  • Dan also showed pictures from the Dupage Engineers Week Expo 2011 held in Wheaton, IL on February 26th. This event was attended by Chibots who allowed Dan to also join them at their display.

Upcoming Events:

Club Business:

  • ISU Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Family Science Day – April 17th
    • Volunteers needed to help with event – Let me know if you’re available
  • Bot Brawl – April 2nd
    • Arena Repair – Plan to meet at Len’s on Saturday @ 10:00AM to work on reassembling, repainting, and repairing the arena to make sure it’s all ready for the competition. I will send out a follow up email to confirm the details of this.
    • Friday Afternoon Setup – For anyone available to help, we will be setting up the majority of the equipment for the competition from 2:00-5:00 the previous evening (April 1st) at the Lakeview Museum. A reminder email will be sent out about this.
    • Bot Brawl Roles – I will be sending out a list of all roles that still need to be filled and I’ll also send individual emails to everyone with a list of the roles currently assigned to you.

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