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Bot Brawl 17 Results


Bot Brawl 17 was hosted on August 12, 2017 at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, IL.  This event was part of Ignite Peoria and the Midwest MakerFest.  The Midwest MakerFest is the largest MakerFest in the Midwest, and the Bot Brawl is the largest hobby robotics contest in the Midwest!  There were art exhibits, dance performances, maker demonstrations, and maker exhibits going on all day long in addition to the Bot Brawl.

The day was a success with 49 robots going at each other.  There were 20 Antweights and 14 Beetleweights competing.  A couple of robots had to drop out due to not passing safety inspections.  A few Beetleweights could not get ready in time and dropped out at the last moment.  The Mini (500g) Sumo event had 10 competitors that produced a few surprises with the upstarts taking on the veterans.  The Mega (3 kg) Sumo had only 2 competitors.  Two of the pre-registered robots ran into technical difficulties the night before and dropped out.  Still, the 2 entrants that were able to compete put on a good show.  The Line Following and Line Maze events were held as demonstrations due to a low number of entrants.  Checkers on a Sumo Ring had 3 competitors, with the victor upsetting last year’s champion.  The RC Combat Rumbles held at the end of the day were a great roar of fun.  The Antweight victor was chosen by audience applause since there were at least 6 bots still moving at the end of 4:00 minutes.  The Beetleweight victor was a surprise and left no doubt as to who was in charge of that rumble!

Live streaming videos are available at

Here is a table of the final results.

Bot Brawl 2017 Final Results 
500 g Mini Sumo
Place Robot Team
1 Blooman dbots
2 Newman dbots
3 Orthos dbots
4 ExSpurt Brooksbots
5 Zoom-O CoolWHip
7 Zuman dbots
3kg Mega Sumo
Place Robot Team
1 Executioner Brooksbots
2 Turf Andrew & Todd
Place Robot Team
1 Ignatz VBT Robotics
2 The Snip Rad Robotics
3 Pushy Wushy Rad Robotics
4 Taster Bleach Boys
5 Ignition Haven
5 Betula Anthracnose
7 The Krave Monsters Hurd Robotics
7 This is a Test TML Productions
9 Spinook CoolWHip
9 10 Days Til Destruction Warwick Robotics STL
9 Ygritte The Northerners
9 Some Putty’s In Trouble Warwick Robotics STL
13 Holy Joe Scrappy Angels
13 Peter Pan Hurd Robotics
13 Circular Reference Arch Reactor STL
13 Stretcher Bleach Boys
17 Wombatchewed Loos Cannon
17 Sky Shark Black Lightning Robotics
17 Calamity Jazz Hands Rampage Productions
17 Odium Widows Peak
Place Robot Team
1 k-too HtG Robotics
2 Phantom II Black Lightning Robotics
3 Catalpa Anthracnose
4 Boomzilla Rampage Productions
5 Cyanide VBT Robotics
5 King Googly Hurd Robotics
7 TripOut Team Cerberus
7 From the Top of Skyscrapers Warwick Robotics STL
9 Death from Above Endgame
9 Al6bb1 Al6kar
9 Dandelion Rampage Productions
9 Icky Mouse Widows Peak
13 Elepha-Flip Dan The Robot Man
13 Honorable Mention HtG Robotics
Checkers on a Sumo Ring
Place Robot Team
1 Coaster Central Illinois Robotics Club
2 Triple Jump Team tOBOR Combat Robotics
3 King Me dbots
Antweight Rumble
Place Robot Team
1 Spinook CoolWHip
Beetleweight Rumble
Place Robot Team
1 Icky Mouse Widows Peak


Many thanks to our sponsors for 2017!!  Without them, our prize selection would not have been possible.  With all the great prizes we were able to offer, our victors had a hard time selecting which prizes to take home.


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